Company Profile
Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer
Capital in Dollars US$ 15,000
Export Percentage 100%
Import Percentage 100% (machinery)
Sales Volume 30,50,000 US$
Import Value 20,000 US$
No of Staff 10-15
Year of Establishment 2002
Export Markets Europe, Canada, USA.
Import Markets Italy
Investment on Manufacturing Equipment 40,000 US$
Memberships Texprocil, HEPC, ITPO, Dun & Bradstreet
Product Range
Bedspreads, Curtains, Tea Towels, Cushion Covers, Pot Holders, Table Cloth, Apron, Placemats, Throws.

Besides all kinds of 100% Cotton Made-Ups, Fabrics, Handicraft Items like wooden napkin ring, wooden Basket, bamboo placemats, straw placemats and accessories like Tassels, Glass Beadings etc.
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